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Saturday Social Media Reminder For Supporters

My mission is to instruct, educate, and create compelling small business media for analog, intellectual property production teams. Our network of small business owners, work together to establish home~based studio businesses. We collaborate on various platforms to implement successful business tactics, as well as proven innovative content strategies. As one of the media designers and social engineers within the group, I invite you to connect with us. Thank you for your corporate creative content comments, as well as contributions to the overall success of our community, #FreeIN2023

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?

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2023 Before The Blog

Sew Stage Cleaning Products

Live chatted 01/16/2023
2023 Media Monday: 3M Product Recall

#MomPopShop Public Service Announcement
According to the reseller, when the device overheats it should automatically turn off, but the laminator does not. As a result of being a fire hazard, it's recommended to return them to the original place of purchase for a full refund.

2023 Sewing Stage

Good Midwest Morning #MomPopShops #aliveUSAlocals at 🔥 Blog Builder USA Writer's Wednesday Café Con Leche Conversation Starters

A Father's Love

Good Midwest Morning, #Stationery Media Planner #MomPopShop I'm ready to focus on scheduling more creative content exclusive to #interdependent media during Blog Builder USA #5783 Spring Sew Stage 🔥 #kingdom #locals #culture #small #business #writers #language #linguist #language #arts

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January, 2023 Fabric Fast

Good Midwest Morning #MomPopShops This month, @sewmuchtalent is hosting a fabric fast for those who want to bust through & use up their current pattern, fabric, and/or notion inventory. In addition to continuing to sew/shop talk, for me, there are so many image connections to the fabric texture, colors, measurements, and the calendar numbers 5783. As another biblical anchor, I will be touching on the specific references for my #nationalsewingmonth pen~to~paper prep study at

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Good Midwest Morning #MomPopShops Creating foundational narratives from #aliveUSAlocal perspectives at My father is still the same man he was yesterday, living for his children today, and I am forever favored by what his decisions will be regarding tomorrow. ☕️ #aliveUSAlocals 😍🥰🤓

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